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We’re in the process of rolling out an exciting new brand for Herrick, Feinstein LLP. It was a pleasure working with Herrick’s creative team and we’re looking forward to seeing where their new look will take them. Check it out »

Herrick Logo
STEAM_Logo_sm I recently completed a couple of projects for the PS 10 Magnet School for Math, Science and Technology located in Brooklyn, NY. Branding their first annual technology themed Maker Faire and their school T-shirt. Check em out!
I’m very proud that my Illustration for the NYU Jazz Festival has been selected to appear in Communication Arts 2013 Illustration Annual.
I’m very proud that the Kinetic Art International logo has been selected to appear in Communication Arts 2012 Design Annual.
LogoLounge 7 is out and you can find my design for Kinetic Art International on page 76.

For Print Only, a blog dedicated to both the visual stimulus and the detailing of the development and production of printed matter, has featured our Creative Thinking poster. I’m very excited about this, since I frequent their site for inspiration. Check it out here.
sbphincter I recently entered this illustration in the Greenpeace Behind the Logo competition to rebrand BP. I’ve basically turned the BP logo into a sphincter that’s releasing diarrhea into the gulf. It’s gross, but not that far from the truth. You can find my entry on this page. The Guardian newspaper even chose it as one of their 25 favorites in the competition.

My father, R. D. Ortiz was a sign painter in Dallas, Texas. I would often assist him on jobs as he painted various signs, murals and occasional gold leaf window. It never ceased to amaze me how he could paint a seemingly perfect circle with one stroke of a brush. This is where my appreciation for typography was born and probably led to me ultimately choosing graphic design as a career.

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I found a copy of Anderson’s Fairy Tales at a used bookstore in Dallas. I was really impressed with the illustrations and looked up the illustrator, Arthur Szyk, as soon as I got home. I instantly became a big fan of his work. I really love his caricatures, use of pattern and attention to details.

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